Half Moon Fishing Report: 15th-31st May

With a more unsettled spell of weather and with some appreciable rain on 18th, river levels increased. Not a massive spate but enough to encourage salmon and sea trout to move upstream. On the morning of 21st there was a sizeable run of sea trout (3/5lb) over Bream Weir together with some salmon. The weather then settled again and by the end of the month the river was quite low, but nothing exceptional for the time of year. Considering the rainfall deficit throughout the winter and spring, river levels have held up extremely well.

Salmon catches continue to be encouraging with five more caught in the fortnight: two at Beam, two at Maderia and one at Okement Foot. Our total of salmon caught this season is now 14: all but four double figure fish. The sea trout have moved quickly and have been seen as far upstream as Sheepish. Several school peal have been taken at night on the Beam water. The brown trout fishing has been patchy. Despite on occasions huge hatches of mayfly, the trout have been reluctant to feed on the surface. Fishing a dry fly even when the fish are not rising has produced the best results.

Maintenance work has continued on the home beats and several new ladders have been installed to improve access.