The Torridge from Sheepwash bridge

First Fishing Report of the Season

With the draconian restrictions in place at the moment no fishing on our beautiful river is currently possible. Such a pity as the river is looking at its very best, with new growth on the banks, plenty of fly life and the brown trout starting to feed on the surface. Before the lockdown on 23rd March a few enthusiastic anglers ventured out with a salmon briefly hooked in the weir pool at Beam and another seen in the Junction Pool where the Okement joins the Torridge. During the winter and early spring the salmon hatchery, which is managed by volunteers from the Torridge Fishery Association has completed a very successful rearing programme with over 38,000 swim-up fry being stocked out into the headwaters of the main river and major tributaries. After 33 years as the Fishery Officer for the Torridge Paul Carter retires at the end of April. He has a real love for the river and has become a good friend to all the fishermen. He will be greatly missed but we wish him well in his retirement.