Fishing at the Half Moon Inn, Sheepwash

At the Half Moon Inn, we have seven miles of private fishing on the River Torridge. The four miles on the Upper River adjacent to Sheepwash provide superb fishing for wild brown trout, while the beats on the Middle and Lower River provide excellent salmon and seat trout fishing. All the beats are easily accessible within a short walk from the car parking areas.

We have a rod room, drying facilities and a small shop, stocking all the basic requirements needed to fish the river.

Charles and Adam will continue to look after the fishery. One of them will be available every morning from 9.00 a.m. onwards to give advice freely, and to provide directions to the beats.

Salmon Season:

1st March–30th September. Spinning is allowed in March but after 1st April it is strictly “fly only”. All salmon must be released prior to 16th June (National Byelaw).

Brown and Sea Trout Season:

15th March-30th September. Strictly “fly only”.


The Torridge has a genuine spring run with fish up to 20lb. March, April and May are often the best months. In recent years there has been an improving run of grilse in the summer months. This is a spate river and the salmon fishing is very weather-dependent, but after rain with the river falling and clearing you will have every chance of hooking a fish. With the first autumn rains the best salmon fishing is often during the last few weeks of the season. A rod 10-11’ is ideal. Only in very high water is a double-handed rod required. Unless the water is very cold, a floating or intermediate line is adequate.

Sea Trout

The very large sea trout will enter the river as early as April but the main run starts in late May. The larger fish (3-5lb) arrive first followed by the school peal towards the end of June. Although night fishing is the best option for catching these very shy fish, because the Torridge always holds a tinge of colour many are caught in the daytime on both a wet fly and dry fly.

Brown Trout

With an abundant variety of fly life, fishing for the wild brown trout can be just as absorbing as salmon and sea trout fishing. Although most of the trout are quite small, several fish over 1lb are caught every season. Dry fly, wet fly and nymph fishing can all be equally successful depending on the conditions.

The stock of game fish has suffered in recent years for many reasons. Improvement work is ongoing and there are encouraging signs that fish stocks are recovering, but to aid this recovery we encourage anglers to return all fish.

Fishing Charges

Daily charge per rod (prices are inclusive of VAT)

Salmon March, April, May £45
June, July, August £35
September £45
Sea Trout (Day/night) £35
Brown Trout Full day £25
Evening £15

Day tickets are available for non-residents, but prior booking is required.

Tel: 01409 231376


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